It is certain that your health cannot be measured with money. However, the amount you will pay to gain your health will be more than you pay for the "cheap" product. The attraction of the "cheap" product at the stage of purchase may lose its effect in long-term use. Since "cheap prosthetic hair" cannot be with you in every condition and situation during use, it will condemn you to a limited living space.

As of 2020, the prosthetic hair sector seems to get its share from global economic turmoil, expected inflation figures and possible volatility in foreign exchange markets. In fact, prosthetic hair prices do not show a significant increase in terms of unit prices, but they are naturally affected by any changes in foreign exchange prices as a result of the import of the products in dollar terms. For example, a prosthetic hair that you bought for $ 600 in 2019, you can get the same number on the basis of currency, as long as the area of hair growth does not
increase, if there is no growth or change in your prosthetic hair pattern. The main factor here is the constant rise of the dollar against the TL. For example, you need to pay approximately $ 3100 to a Prosthetic Hair unit that you bought for $ 600 in December 2018, today you need to pay approximately 3500 TL for the same prosthetic hair unit. This fluctuation in exchange rates naturally affects purchasing power negatively. The effect of the increase in foreign exchange prices such as Dollar and Euro before 2020, especially in the last months of the year, on imported input costs seems to cause natural increases in Prosthetic Hair Prices, which were completely imported and entered the country. Despite these natural increases, you can have a high quality standard prosthetic hair unit for an average Male Type Hair Loss in 2020 with a cost of approximately $ 400 to $ 800. While some companies have to compromise on quality standards in order to turn this situation into an opportunity, some companies that do not want to compromise on customer health, quality and service standards may have to make a compulsory price increase in Prosthetic Hair prices. Finally, before applying Prosthetic Hair application, you should evaluate the quality standards provided by the center where you will have the application correct, and decide based on the comfort, ease of use, harmony and naturalness of your Prosthetic hair, not based on possible price competitions.You can reach our article which we recommend you read before making your prosthetic hair preferences.