2021 Tips for Prosthetic Hair Users

Top 5 Tips Prosthetic Hair Users Should Know

You can have stronger and healthier looking hair. We will share with you 5, that specialist of this area would know, tricks that our 27 years of experience has given us. 

When choosing your prosthetic hair, the quality standards of the center you will have made, as well as the quality of information and service provided are also very important.

1. Pay Attention to Hair While Sleeping!

Especially for our long-haired users, tying or knitting from the back of the neck with a light clip in order to prevent the hair from getting tangled and rupture while sleeping at night, will significantly reduce possible spills of  the hair.

In addition, hair nets are another factor that will help you protect your hair if you use it before going to bed.

2. Have Back Up Hair! Don't Throw Your Old Hair Systems

We have frequently mentioned the importance of using back up hair in our previous articles. Rotating between back up hair and current hair will both extend the life of your prosthetic hair and provide you with a comfortable use.

In emergency situations, in your out-of-town plans or when you want to do your own maintenance, the use of back up hair will save you a great deal of burden, it will provide good amount of airing and less wear out for your prosthetic hair system.

As you can see, the presence of a spare hair will always serve as a savior, so your old hair systems can also help you in this regard. (Applicable for hair systems that are not too worn) The trick is to wash, clean and let your hair dry thoroughly while storing / preserving it. When storing, you should prefer dark, clean and dry places in molds or boxes prepared for your hair.

3. Prefer Personally Designed Applications!

Being experienced in this sector tells us one thing surely is that using a personal hair system which is specially designed for your personal needs, provides the best service. When we compare it to stock hair units, those are mass produced, custom made units just for you are of course a lot better and giving better performance for you. Our hair is unique and personal, just like our fingerprints, both in terms of structure and appearance.

Namely; In the use of prosthetic hair, factors such as the appearance of your forehead line, the thickness of your hair, the density ratio will make your prosthetic hair look natural and make you feel as if there is nothing extra on your head and as if it is your own hair.

The maximum care you will pay attention to all these features will prolong the life of the prosthetic hair and ensure that it will be shaped according to you. (The life span of an average prosthetic hair is about 1 year).

4. Use Specially Produced Cosmetic Materials for Prosthetic Hair in Every Wash!

Since your prosthetic hair system is not fed by your own capillaries, it may lose moisture and brightness over time. In order to minimize this situation, you can choose cosmetic products specially produced for your hair system.

- When using shampoo and cream, you should wash your hair with warm water, not hot water.

- When you condition your hair, you should apply it to the ends, not to the roots, and rinse it by pouring it downwards with plenty of water.

- Creaming your hair repairs, moisturizes and makes it look shiny.

5. Always Keep Your Hair Shiny and Soft!

You should use the Leave-on spray, which we often recommend and express to our own users, prevents hair from tearing while combing and provides it a shiny appearance. Leave-on Spray will ensure that your prosthetic hair will be easy to give shape and will be your greatest helper in prolonging its life by preventing it from breaking while combing.


Finally, it should be noted that these items we have listed are not rules. It is the sharing of our 27 years of experience with you and presented for suggestions.

You can also get support from our experts for your hair problems and visit our nearest center.