Attention! Hair Simulation Time

Attention! Hair Simulation Time

As a result of the increasing demands for hair loss and baldness and medical and technological developments in order to find solutions, many alternative applications have emerged as a remedy for the problem of hair loss. Hair transplantation, prosthetic hair and hair simulation stand out as the leading solutions of these applications.

Especially Hair Simulation is one of the popular applications recently. This method, also known as hair tattoo or micro pigmentation, is a cosmetic application using tattoo technique. So why and when can I have a hair simulation? What is the most correct answer to questions like should I do it?

In order to find the correct answer to this question, let's first take a look at the main factors that brought us to this point.

It is generally due to genetic factors as well as environmental factors. Hair loss may occur as a result of our eating habits or due to reasons such as some accident or various diseases. We look for various remedies to get rid of the psychological pressure and aesthetic concerns created by the situation we call baldness among the people.

So when and in which situations should I choose hair simulation?

Let's try to answer this question under a few headings.

Are you unhappy with your thin hair?

If your hair is thinned but baldness has not yet occurred and you are unhappy with the appearance due to this thinning, you can be very happy by having a hair simulation in the diluted area.

Have you had a hair transplant but are not satisfied with the result?

Hair transplantation is a surgical intervention and depending on some technical reasons, in some cases, there may be minor problems in terms of giving the desired result. In such cases, hair simulation will provide you with an important visual contribution as a complementary application.

However, as we mentioned above, hair transplantation is a surgical intervention, so it is an operation. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for surgical scars and intervention scars to completely disappear. It would be appropriate to wait for at least 6 months to 1 year after hair transplantation to simulate a healthy hunger. (This period varies according to the person's skin type)

Do you suffer from a hair transplant scar? The hair transplant scar formed in that area can be camouflaged very successfully, thanks to the hair simulation method. However, it is still beneficial to wait for the surgical effect to pass completely.

Have you lost your hair due to illness (Alopesia)?

Alopesia means "hair loss" in medical language and is defined as two stages as Alopesia Areta or Alopesia Universalis.

Whenever you feel ready when you encounter both stages of hair loss, you can apply for hair simulation at any time without waiting. What you need to do is to get the correct information, guidance and service about the application from a hair simulation center you trust.