Can Prosthetic Hair Grow?

Prosthetic hair applications, which are widely used all over the world, are made of completely natural hair. Thanks to the mold, which is specially sized for the needs of the region where hair loss is experienced, special hairs that pass air and water are placed in the region. The application that enables the person to continue his / her life as he wishes can be shown as the most ideal solution in order not to negatively affect the human psychology of hair problems. 

Prosthetic hair that can be combed, washed, allows for all kinds of sporting activities, can be blow-dried and not taken out while lying, cannot grow.  You should think of this application as a dental prosthesis. In the application of prosthesis which can be cut and shaped as desired, the hair does not grow in time.

Curiousities About Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic hair, which should be considered as an inseparable part of the person's natural appearance, is prepared considering the natural direction of hair growth. The application, which eliminates the problems caused by hair loss, helps to increase daily comfort and quality with ease of use within a short time. Prosthetic hair applications, which enable the image of the person to be updated at a time, are used more easily than the wig.

Hair prostheses are extremely healthy. Hair prostheses, which are preferred as the most popular application of the last years all over the world, are prepared for daily use by giving a natural look. Prosthetic hair, which is also used by many acclaimed names of the society today, can be used without any problems for 2-3 years with proper usage. 

All Types of Combing and Styling Can Be Done On Prosthetic Hair!

Molds made to suit one's needs are a blessing to regain the daily routines prevented by hair problems. Prosthetic hair, which can be easily applied for people of all ages and genders, is applied to the skin after personalized skin and analysis. Prostheses, which cannot be applied only in the open wound area, are specially manufactured based on the individual's needs.

Prosthetic hair under construction; work starts with scaling. In order to ensure the success of the application and ease of use later, individual measurements must be taken with the utmost care. Design is the most important part after measurement. Here it is extremely important to take into account the needs of the user and the state he wants to appear. Prosthetic hair should be kept in mind that it cannot grow and a preparatory work should be done in accordance with the hair style desired by the person during the design stage. Prosthetic hair, which will be prepared in the desired density and length, opens the doors of a new life. Prosthetic hair, which can be shortened over time, can be blown daily and can be performed easily on any kind of natural hair, is an excellent option to regain lost self-confidence.