Differences Between Prosthetic Hair And Wigs

Among the most preferred hair methods for both men and womenin terms of hair loss problems and some problems occurring locally, prosthetichair treatment is performed without any surgical intervention and makes thehairless area completely full. It is a cosmetic and painless method rather thana surgical operation, this is main reason why Prosthetic Hair preferred mostly.With the prosthesis hair that provides a direct solution to the problem ofbaldness and provides an indistinguishable visual by a completely realisticappearance, the person gets the chance to regain his self-confidence with hisfull hair.

With the prosthesis hair method, which is applied underdifferent stages according to plan, the design is given a long or shortappearance in the light of personal preferences. In this way, hair can becombed easily. Moreover, this method, which is carried out by people who areprofessional in this field and in a completely protective environment, gives avery successful result.


What is the Difference Between Prosthetic Hair and Wigs?

When applying prosthetic hair, medical stabilizers andspecial solutions are used for this purpose. In addition, the biggestdifference between men's wigs and prosthetic hair, prosthetic hair 100% of theactual hair sample of the person is produced specifically for the person. Inthis way, a realistic appearance can be achieved even if it is looked closely. Withthe prosthesis hair process, which can be applied regardless of age, whetherwomen or men, there is a 100% chance of a definite solution to the problem ofbaldness.

This method, which is carried out with a completelyprofessional work, ends with the application stage which is produced with themold formed after being dimensioned according to the head and face structure ofthe person and made with special fasteners. Furthermore, prosthetic hair whichcan be produced specially according to different sizes gives the chance to usefor many years with proper care. On the other hand, no matter how closely theprosthetic hair is looked at compared to wigs, it gives the impression that areal hair is coming out of the skin.


Prosthetic Hair Completely 100% Human Hair

The hair sample taken from the person is sent abroad andproduced there thus, a realistic hair image is captured from the moment it isapplied to the head. In this way, there is a big difference with the types ofwigs for men or women and it provides the opportunity to use it without anyproblems for a long time, which is resistant to all different external effects.When exercising or taking a shower, it also provides a safe and secure use inextreme winds or rainy weather.