Do Herbal Shampoos Grow Hair?

Do Herbal Shampoos Grow Hair?

It should be known that it is not possible for the hair to come back in hair loss due to genetic reasons. In particular, various herbal, oil and natural shampoo treatments can be beneficial in terms of contributing to the health and durability of the existing hair, which is not yet shed, rather than removing the lost hair. However, as we mentioned above, it is not possible for our hair shed due to genetic reasons to grow back. Because the process in androgenetic hair loss works as follows. Hormones such as androgen attach to the receptors on our hair follicles that we call follicles, which we call receptors that perceive that hormone. Over time, these hormones reduce the hair follicle's ability to produce hair. With this effect, very thin, non- growing, sparse hair is formed at first. The increasing hormone pressure over time closes the hair follicle completely and the hair no longer grows from it. It is no longer possible to remove hair from this area by any method.

However, if there is a seasonal shedding, stress-related, anemia or hormonal activity, especially after pregnancy in women, which usually occurs within the first three or six months, the hair will come back after a while.

Natural shampoos and cosmetic products with natural ingredients such as olive oil, almond oil, rosemary and garlic obviously do not have a proven effect. But it may have the following effect, especially if your hair is lifeless and dry, just as these and similar herbs moisturize your skin and make it look more vivid, livelier and healthier, these and similar natural shampoos with herbal essence can make your hair look more vivid and healthy. As a result, such natural shampoos with herbal essences can be used and tried with peace of mind.

As it has no harm, we all know the nourishing and strengthening effect of garlic on the hair follicles. After all, herbal based shampoos are natural and healthy products, they can be used.

Finally, it would be useful to emphasize that, unfortunately, there is no such thing as "use this mixture or this product to let your hair grow" in the scientific literature.