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Hair Terms Dictionary

We have compiled for you the meanings of the most commonly used words and terms in hair and hair related diseases. Although we don't use it frequently in daily life, there are either many words or many terms that we encounter when it is needed and many of them can be your first time to hear. We hope it will help you be familiar…

AGA: (Andro Genetic Alopecia) Genetics ’Male Type’ ’hair loss.

ALOPECIA: Hair loss.

ALOPECIA AREATA: It is the general name of ringworm and it is a regional hair loss.

ALOPECIA TOTALIS: The loss of all hairs in the hair area, sculp.

ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS: Loss of hairs throughout the body.

ANAGEN: The longest lifetime of hair.

APIGENIN: Vascular expander that provides hair growth rate and thickening.

5 ALPHA REDUCTASE: The enzyme that converts the male hormone (Testosterone) into DHT.

BIOTINE: Vitamin B7, also known as vitamin H.

BIOTINYL TRIPEPTIDE: It is used against male hormones that damage the hair follicle.

BABY SHAMPOO: Shampoo for sensitive skin.

CLIMBAZOL: substance used in the treatment of dandruff, fungus and eczema

DANDRUFF: Bran (Di Hydro Testosterone) Hair loss causing male hormone form.

DPCP: (Difen Sipron) Used in the treatment of ringworm

DONOR AREA: The area in which hairs are removed during hair transplantation.

DUPA: Unexplained hair loss type FOLICULAR: Hair root

FOLICULAR UNIT: Integrated structure consisting of 1 hair follicle, 1 sebaceous gland, 1 sweat gland and 1 muscle.

FUT: Transfer to the follicular unit (the taken hair from the neck).

FUE: Follicular unit extractions. (individual removal of roots due to hair transplatiton)

FOLICULLUTE: Inflammation of the hair.

HAIRFORTE: Spray used for hair loss treatment.

HAIR: English for hair.

HAIR TRANSPLATION: Hair transplantation process, hair follicle transfer.

VITAMIN H: Vitamin B7 is also known as cosmetic vitamin (biotin).

JELLY: Transparent cosmetic for styling hair.

CONCEALER: Keratin powder that makes it appear frequently by applying to the sparse areas of the hair.

KATAGEN: One of the 3 lifes of hair that is not visible, also known as sleep period.

Bran: Exfoliation of the scalp. It depends on the increase in the rate of change of the skin.

KERATIN: The main ingredient of hair, hair and nail are formed by the same (Keratin) matter. Cloning: Reproduction by producing root out of roots.

LATERAL SLIT: A tool for opening the channel required for hair transplantation. L Cysteine: The amino acid used by the body for the production of keratin.

MELANIN: The substance that gives color to the hair.

MELANOCYTE: Melanating excreting cell. Methionine: Amino acid that delays having grey hair.

MICRO-GRAFT: Hair follicle (graft) containing 1 or 2 strands.

MINI-GRAFTS: Hair follicles containing 3 or 4 strands (grafts).

MİNOXİDİL: Although it is a blood pressure medication, it can stop spilling when used regionally.

MINIATURIZATION: Hair loss in male pattern hair loss over time.

OLEANOIC ACID: Reduces the formation of DHT.


PEDİKAP: Medicine for head lice treatment.

PROCAPİL: Complex substance developed to treat hair loss

PROPECIA: drug containing 1 mg finasteride

PROSCAR: drug containing 5 mg finasteride

PROSTHETIC HAIR: Special hair unit made from real hair that looks like 1 to 1 of shedding hair.

PRP: (Platelet rich plasma) injecting the substance from the blood into the skin.

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION WITH ROBOT: Grafting by the robot which is not being used anymore.

RU58841: Material developed for spill treatment. It is not easy to find due to the price.

HAIR ANALYSIS: Hair control with high quality camera.

HAIR MASK: Cream-form cosmetics containing hair nutrients

SADBE: (squaric acid di butyl ester) The most effective agent in the treatment of ringworm.

SAW PALMETTO: A kind of palm. Used for spill treatment. It is a highly effective plant.

SEBOREIC DERMATITIS: Oily Eczema SEBORE: Increased lubrication of hair and scalp.

ARTIFICIAL HAIR TRANSPLANTATION: Inserting organic threads into the scalp like a hair.

SQUARIC ACID DI BUTYL ESTER: S.A.D.B.E The most effective substance used in the treatment of ringworm

TELOGENE: One of the 3 life periods of hair, this period is the period of practice and is not visible.

TELOGENE EFFLUYIUM: Female pattern hair loss. Proportional hair loss from the entire scalp.

TERMINAL CLAY: Hair that grows like a beard.

TRACTIONAL ALOPECY: Hair loss due to hair pull obsession.

XPECIA TABLET: Used in tablet treatment of hair loss Vasodilation: Vascular dilation

VERTEX: Top of head VELLUS CLAY: Infant hair that is weak like the hairs on the arms.

OILY EXHAUST: Skin's having dandruff and being reddish and oily.