Hair Loss in Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy and some drugs used in cancer treatment cause hair loss in people. Approximately 3 weeks after the administration of cancer drugs, hair begins to fall out. Chemotherapy, hair loss, such as problems that bring along with the important thing is to continue the treatment in a positive way. Because hair loss in chemotherapy treatment can grow again and these problems with different methods are far from being a problem. This problem is completely temporary.

After the treatment is finished, the hair can grow again bushy in about 1 month. In addition, chemotherapy can not only damage the external appearance of a person, but also can damage mental health. Especially in women, hair loss can become a major psychological problem over time.

Psychological Effect of Chemotherapy on Patient

Chemotherapy treatment has very different effects on the patient. In particular, effects such as hair, eyebrows and eyelash loss cause mental collapse in patients over time. From the moment hair starts to fall out, the person can become more aggressive, more sensitive and more impatient. These factors eventually lead to psychological effects such as depression. In particular, since the hair loss makes the person suffering from cancer, the patient feels weak and pathetic. This feeling brings to the fore such feelings of isolation, disguising and embarrassment from the society.

All of these effects can cause permanent mental problems and, first of all, what one should know in the course of treatment is that this condition is a temporary condition. As soon as the disease returns to its normal and healthy course, the hair will become lush and even healthier than normal. The point that should be taken into consideration in this process is that the patient has to be more patient and steadfast.

Because with the developing health and beauty sector, the solution of hair loss seen as a result of cancer diseases such as chemotherapy has also improved considerably. One of the most successful of these solutions is prosthetic hair application.

Prosthetic Hair Application During Chemotherapy

In the chemotherapy phase, prosthetic hair is applied as a solution instead of shedding hair. Prosthetic hair application is designed for personal use and can be used both on shedded hair and on sparse hair. In addition, since it is a reversible treatment, prosthetic hair can be removed after treatment of cancer.

Prosthetic hair treatment provides psychological support to the patients during the treatment period and also helps them to get over the treatment process more easily. Prosthetic hair, which can be adjusted according to the desire and skin color of the person, is designed with the help of special dimensions in accordance with the facial features of the person. Again, prosthetic hair glued with the help of a special gel is not affected by external factors such as rain or wind. In addition, it is also quite easy to care for the person as if they were washing their own hair. If a person wants to use prosthetic hair, he can use it for about 2 years with good care.