How Long Does Prosthetic Hair Last?

How Long Does Prosthetic Hair Last?

The way to look attractive and beautiful is to have vibrant, healthy hair. However, in today's conditions, many people face the problem of hair loss and baldness as a result of factors such as nutritional habits, disease and disease-related medications, genetic factors, and, unfortunately, advancing age. The hairdressing industry, which is looking for a solution to this problem, which has great and important effects on one's social psychology, finally offers a solution to hundreds of thousands of people with 100% natural looking Prosthetic Hair application. Prosthetic Hair, which is a completely cosmetic application, is specially designed for the area where hair loss is experienced (by forming a mold), prepared by taking into consideration all the characteristics of one's own hair, and completed by fixing a Prosthetic unit to the area where hair loss is experienced (Bald) via medical stabilizers and solutions. With this application, the person will regain their lost hair, self-confidence and psychosocial self-confidence. When it is evaluated in terms of both ease of use and comfort and 100% natural appearance it provides, Prosthetic hair is the most healthy, high quality and easiest method of hair loss treatment among the all methods.

How Long is the Life of Prosthetic Hair?

One of the first questions that comes to the mind of people who are thinking of having prosthetic hair is how long is the life of prosthetic hair. First of all, it is important to remember that Prosthetic Hair is a cosmetic application, so it is necessary to strictly follow the expert recommendations and usage rules after the application. Since prosthetic hair is a personalized method, it varies depending on a number of factors such as personal care habits, physical conditions of the environment in which you live and work, and the care you take for periodic maintenance of your prosthesis unit. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact lifetime to Prosthetic Hair units. Furthermore, the experience of the application center, which is very important in determining the most suitable infrastructure for the person and skin structure, and the quality standards of the materials used as stabilizers are the factors affecting the life of prosthetic hair.

In short, considering all the factors mentioned above, we can say; The life of a well-applied prosthetic hair with high quality standards can be said to be 1.5 - 2 years on average. However, the prolongation or shortening of this period depends entirely on the care and attention given to the factors mentioned above. Prosthetic hair types and their usage time;

*Disposable Prosthetic Hair: These products are disposable and can be used up to 12, 18 or 24 per year depending on the usage habits of the person.

*Natural Looking Prosthetic Hair; These prosthetic hairs are suitable for use between 6 - 12 - 18 months in terms of system and infrastructure features. The usage habits of the person is the most important factor in making these periods longer or shorter.

*Prosthesis which is designed with special infrastructures accepted in medical status and used in hair loss as a result of the treatments (chemotherapy, etc ..) usually seen as a result of diseases; The main difference from other prosthetic hair is the medical properties of the substructures used. Extremely easy to use and healthy and comfort is indisputable.

Information about the life span of the prosthetic hair systems that we tried to explain here are defined as average values. In fact, the main factor that determines the life of prosthetic hair is the user's care and usage habits.

Tips to Longer Lifetime of Prosthetic Hair!

*First of all, before having a prosthetic hair, there is a great benefit in performing a hair and skin analysis. In this way, the skin harmony of the user can be designed correctly with the infrastructure of Prosthetic Hair and a Prosthetic Unit is prepared in the most suitable infrastructure for the person.

*After applying prosthetic hair, it is very important to tell the user the detailed information about its usage and to show it with one-to-one experience during the application.

*The fact that a person's rearranges his personal care habits by taking Prosthetic Hair into account and taking care not to use any foreign material other than cosmetics and comb specially designed for Prosthetic Hair will also have a positive effect on the life of the Prosthetic Hair.

*The most sensitive point for the healthy and long-lasting Prosthetic Hair is the care that will be given to the usage style and periodic care periods.