How Often Shoul You Wash Your Prosthetic Hair?

How Often Shoul You Wash Your Prosthetic Hair?

In order for our hair to be healthy, alive and looking like that, it should be washed at regular basis. Whether we use prosthetic hair or our own natural hair, dust, dirt, soot and similar substances adhering to our hair from external environments cover the shine, healthy and vivid appearance of the hair by sticking to our hair.

To get rid of this dull appearance, our hair should be washed with soap or shampoos. However, in some cases, too much of this washing can do more harm than good. In other words, the detergent-like substances contained in soaps and shampoos remove the dirt from the external environment from our hair, while at the same time dissolving the natural oil layer covering the outer surface of our own hair. Although prosthetic hair does not have such a natural protective oil layer, they are affected by the chemical contents of soap and shampoos at least as much as our own hair. For this reason, it would be a much healthier decision if the frequency of washing and the method of washing are determined in line with the opinions of the experts, taking into account their own personal conditions of prosthetic hair users.

In case of frequent washing, a dull appearance in our hair appears. For this reason, although we use prosthetic hair, according to the characteristics of our own hair, if we have an oily hair structure every other day or 3 times a week, if we have a dry hair structure, it will be healthier to wash our hair less often with shampoo or soap.

Apart from all these, if the person needs to wash his/her hair every day due to subjective reasons arising from their social life, it will be enough to take care to make one shampoo session as much as possible. In addition, an important point to be considered is that whether it is prosthetic hair or our own natural hair, we need to rinse thoroughly when we use soap or shampoo.

Let's also make a final warning that concerns prosthetic hair users. As you know, prosthetic hair is not tied to any hair follicle, but are specific units that are fixed to an artificial layer (a special skin-like mesh) with very special techniques. Therefore, it has a more sensitive structure than our natural hair, which is fed with blood and with the help of capillaries. If you want to use your prosthetic hair with a longer life and high performance; When washing your prosthetic hair, do not wash it like you are scratching with your nails, but wash it by rubbing it with your palms and fingertips in circular cycles.