Is Hair Simulation Harmful?

What is Hair Simulation?

Hair Simulation, becoming popular recently in Turkey, offers easy solution for people experiencing hair loss problems. Hair simulation method can be applied to anyone who has hair loss, dilution, hair transplantation and scars on the scalp. Hair simulation, also called hair tattoo or hair micropigmentation, is a non-surgical method. Hair follicles and hair structures are imitated and epidermal micropigmentation is applied to the bald areas with the help of special devices.

The hair simulation method is never a hair transplantation method. However, after the hair transplantation methods, hair simulation can be used to increase the effect even further. It is especially effective in solving regional hair loss problems such as ringworm. People who have hair transplantation for hair loss but are not satisfied with this transplantation, prefer hair simulation method.

How is Hair Simulation Applied?

The duration of the hair simulation process varies according to the size of the area of the person to be treated. On average, this period lasts between 30 minutes or 3 hours. One of the most important features of the procedure is that the patient gets rid of the problem of baldness on the same day and returns to daily life immediately. In hair transplantation methods, a certain period of time is waited for the hair to grow. However, there is no such thing as waiting in the hair simulation method. 

The person can even take a shower on the day of the procedure. In hair transplantation methods, there can be scars due to the previous incision. It is possible to get rid of the scars/traces with this method. The durability of the procedure varies between 2 and 3 years.

In the hair simulation method that can be applied to both men and women, covering bald area is performed according to the hair loss rate and the desired appearance. In general, the desired appearance can be achieved with a single session. However, if the skin type is oily and the desired level is not achieved in the controls performed after 3 weeks, the process is repeated according to the compliance of the scalp of the person. 

Is Hair Simulation Harmful?

People who are going to have a hair simulation may have doubts about whether the process has any harm. However, the hair simulation made with purely herbal and water based substances does not cause any harm to the person. Therefore, reliable clinical selection should be considered. 

Hair simulation is applied naturally with substances that have undergone international dermatological tests and inspections. This does not cause any harm to the person's skin and hair structure. The paint to be used in the process is very important. In this context, you can request to see the documents of the paint to be used. 

The first three days after hair simulation are important. You should not go to the sun and enter the solarium within 3 days. The more attention is paid to these warnings, the greater the permanence of the process. 

How is Hair Simulation Applied?

Local anesthesia creams are applied to the patient before the procedure. In this way, people do not feel any pain during the procedure. The procedure is performed in sterile environments with the help of individual disposable needles. After this procedure, hair transplantation can be done too.

Hair simulation with the help of dyes that do not cause any harm to human health, hair simulation process is performed in the form of tattoo on the hair of the person by using special devices according to the structure of the hair follicles of the person.