Is Invisible Prosthetic Hair Infrastructure Possible?

With the development of hair systems, prosthetic hair got its share from this developing and changing technology. It is possible to have a prosthetic hair that is more natural, shinier, even in different lights and at different angles.

Tapeless, Transparent Prosthetic Hair System

The reason for making this system invisible is both its infrastructure and node techniques. Of course, the hair quality should not be overlooked. It will be the right choice for those whose priority is naturalness. We can list the advantages and disadvantages that you should know about this system as follows.

It is a Tapeless System

As we have just mentioned, it has a tapeless system. It has a very thin and leather-like transparent substructure. The knot technique is different.

It is Meshless

They are not applied to this system. As in every system, it has air permeability.

100% Natural Appearance

It will not be distinguishable from your skin due to its infrastructure and being tapeless.

It Has a Shorter Lifespan

In addition to the advantage of the naturalness of this system, it also has a disadvantage. The average life of the prosthetic hair with a mesh infrastructure that you will use normally is 1, 1.5 years, while the average life of the tapeless system is 3 - 4 months.

Care Should Be More Attentive and Short-Term

In addition to its natural appearance, its maintenance should be done more sensitively and in a short time. Due to the use of a tapeless infrastructure, the average maintenance time is between 1-3 weeks. * Treatment times vary according to the structure of the skin. (Sweating, greasy hair, etc.)

The base on which the hair is fixed is completely breathable, thin opaque and leather-like providing a strong adhesion. As it is not visible from the outside, it is not perceived by touch and cannot be felt in your head.

* It is also very easy to clean the infrastructure of these prosthetic hairs. Since there is no band structure, you can do it by rubbing with the help of warm water and care materials.

As Last;

The Tapeless Prosthetic Hair System is not suitable for everyone!

- It is suitable for those who want to have a perfect, stylish appearance in every respect

- It is not very suitable for those who want high density, durable, long-lasting prosthetic hair.

- They have an infrastructure that is more suitable for deformation. It is quite sensitive. For this reason, backup prosthetic hair is very important in these hairs.