Must Knowns for Those Who Want To Have Hair Simulation

Hair simulation is a cosmetic application developed with a non-surgical method and applied with a special technique to cover hair loss. Although it is an easy application that the person can continue his daily life from where he left off after the procedure, there are some cases where Hair Simulation can not be applied or things need to be considered when the application is performed.

For example, we do not find it very appropriate to have a hair simulation performed on young people. In addition, if there is a known allergic reaction or any skin condition (Psoriasis), etc., hair simulation would not be appropriate in these conditions. If the person is struggling with a disease that directly affects his/her social life, we find it appropriate to leave the Hair Simulation process at the end of the treatment process.

So, What Should People Who Have Hair Simulation Pay Attention To And What Should Not Do?

Disposable And Sterile Materials Should Be Used

The needles used during the hair simulation process, even the towels used for wiping the head of the person, must be disposable personalized materials. Otherwise, health risk may occur.

Dyes Used Are Important

Care should be taken to ensure that hair simulation dyes are approved by authorized health institutions. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of dyes that have undergone dermatological tests and have been approved by heavy metal tests.

Choosing the Right Needle

Although the hair simulation needle is primarily disposable for the individual, the right choice should be made according to the hair strand thickness of the person, otherwise an unnatural appearance may be encountered.

Things to Do During the Recovery Process

Although the healing process of hair simulation is not as long as it is thought, redness may continue for 1-2 days depending on the skin structure of the person. Apart from this, there is not a very important situation that affects your daily life. During this 1-2 day period, care should be taken not to wash the head with warm water as much as possible and not to use chemical products such as soap or shampoo.

Frequent Color Changing and Hair Coloring Not Possible

People who has hair simulation done, can easily dye their hair but they should prefer dyes that are close to natural hair color. Because the color of the Simulation applied to the skin will be constant. For this reason, color changes that are not suitable for the skin may cause an unnatural appearance.

Finally; one of the most wondered issue about hair simulation is the durability of it. The most basic factor determining the life of the hair simulation application is the lifestyle of the person, the physical conditions of the environment in which he or she works. For example, such as excessive sports, the fat content of the skin, the intensity of perspiration and the natural sweat acid, etc... However, we never want the Simulation to make restrictions from normal life to prolong its usage. Instead, we recommend to renew the areas where deformation has started, with small touches, by checking them once a year on average.