In this article, we will try to explain the pros and cons of prosthetic hair units with mesh substructure from the other substructure (Polymer and Pu).

Prosthetic Hair With Net (Meshed): Netted Prosthetic Hair: It is the system prepared by the hair strands to a porous substrate by hand knitting with care. There are two basic elements in this system that determine the quality standards of prosthetic hair. The first one is net system of which takes place of your scalp in a way, and the other one is knotting technique, which is making every hair stable on the net that requires great care and experience. Because there are different mesh and knot techniques. Net Models: There are three basic models preferred as prosthetic hair infrastructure today.

1. Swiss model with the most sensitive structure and almost completely invisible.

2. French Model which is relatively stronger.

3. Korean model that is durable for a longer time.

All three mesh infrastructure materials are imported from Europe, which we prefer in terms of production quality. However, as in all sectors today, it is found in products with P.U and Polymer-based Far East (Usually China) originations, which are generally chosen by price competition, but which we do not prefer, which we consider to be risky in terms of health. For your health, be sure to ask your specialist where your product is coming from. You should know that in prosthetic hair applications that come into direct contact with your skin, you will have to pay some expense for a healthy and quality application.


Unlike each other, which are used to fix the hair strands to the meshed infrastructure, there are knot techniques called multiple-double, single-half knot. The main difference in nodes is that small nodes are the most invisible ones. The larger knots are noticeable, but also the most durable. In Prosthetic Hair Systems, the most important part is the process of whitening the roots / nodes to make the hair look natural. This process ensures that the knots of the hair are not noticeable. This is a process which requires highly professional experience. Serious care must be taken when performing the procedure. It should not affect the length of the hair or the resistance of the knot. (When opening in knot colors, some shreddings may occur). If the procedure is done correctly, the hair strands can have a look, like it comes out of the scalp. This is the main reason why the meshed methods are different from each other.

For example, the completely invisible method is the Swiss Model. But it is very fragile, it is open to be deformed quickly. It requires a very careful use.

The stronger is the French Model. (French Lace)

It is the Korean Model with longer durability.