Prosthetic Hair Applications for Women

Having New Hair With Non-Surgical Hair Prosthesis

Hair loss is not only a healthy appearance, psychological comfort and self-confidence, but also aesthetically uncomfortable. Recently, thanks to the prosthetic hair application to this problem, a non-surgical intervention, regardless of the reason for the loss of hair is provided to people again.

The main causes of shredding and sparsity are; Although it depends on genetic factors, skin diseases, hormonal problems, skin burns, laser and so on. factors, psychological conditions such as environmental and stress, and many factors that kill hair follicles such as chemotherapy. Nevertheless, the greatest  factor is hereditary causes from genes.

With its expert staff, the fully organized Ha˝r Hotel Hair Center realizes the method called prosthetic hair application and hair tattooing technique for women with great success. It offers a 100% solution with customized prosthetic hair without the need for painful surgical interventions with dimensioning, placement and design stages covering a period of 6 to 8 weeks.

Prosthetic Hair Measurement For Women, Designing And Placing Hair

As the primary basic stage of prosthetic hair application, the dimensioning of the hairless area, including the forehead line, will be appropriate for the facial contours after first determining the sparse and balding areas of the hair in the head area and analyzing the head structure correctly for a healthy and aesthetic natural appearance. the mold is removed.

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A small sample is taken from the hair sample and all analyzes are recorded on the form created according to the characteristics of the person's hair, and the procedures for the delivery of the prosthetic hair with the sample in the appropriate form are meticulously completed. In the second stage, the hair mold obtained by the measurement is applied to the head part in a position to include the hairless area. The correct measurement, hair structural and color matching of the hair specialists are completed in the correcting of the hair placement procedures.

  The final and the final stage of the application that excites the women most excited, the women will regain their self-confidence, will determine according to the taste, haircut, styling, long or short hair preferences are implemented. Hair prosthesis must be done in specialist hair centers, hair specialists and people who have training and experience in their work.

  In addition to being painless, non-surgical, easy and fast, it is a very successful method for aesthetic and real natural hair appearance. The person does not move away from his / her social life while applying hair.

  Continues daily routines. Also prosthetic hair for women; Sea, hair dryer, hair comb, pool, shower, sauna, solarium, sports etc. provides the freedom to do. They can have their hair treatments done at the prosthesis center, and after a short training, they can do it themselves, which provides the advantage of a separate ease of use.