Staged Sample of Male Type Hair Loss


1st Stage of Hair Loss 

Although it has differences, we all have area of our hair and its limit. This line, which we call hair line, become more prominent with the occurrence of hair loss. Not every hair loss is a step towards baldness, some hair losses may be due to stress and seasonal changes. This type of spill does not reach the dimension that would disturb the person. More permanent and long-term hair loss occurs what we call baldness. This first step, which is more common in young people, can be delayed with some treatment methods.


2nd Stage of Hair Loss 

We can call it as the starting stage of baldness. The fronts begin to open, going backward advances, and there would be a view that most people do not pay much attention to since it does not create large gaps.


3rd Stage of Hair Loss

With the progression of the second stage of hair loss, the opening area of the hair loss in the anterior regions increases and becomes apparent. At this stage, the middle upper part starts to open apart from the front parts. It is the stage in which the person accepts the spill.


4th Stage of Hair Loss

Hair loss on temples and on the top side increase becomes more obvious. It is the period where you can see the hair loss where gaps start to form from one area to another. It is generally more common in the 28-35 age group.


5th Stage of Hair Loss 

The areas where hair loss have started are progressed visibly. The hair band between the two regions becomes almost thinner and becomes sparse. This phase is also called the critical phase apart from the other stages. As a matter of fact, the transition from stage 4 to stage 5 is quite fast and in general, patients are inadvertently transitioning to stage 5 in a short time. The openings are more pronounced, the hair structure is weaker and inanimate.


6th Stage of Hair Loss

Hair lost texture of the anterior region has the shape of a half circle. The upper side has a round shape.  The back and sides are still hairy. If it is not a hair loss caused by a different disease and accident, the most difficult hair loss happens this region.


7th Stage of Hair Loss

In this phase, the bridge formed by the hair that connects the front and top is completely disappeared. As the hair loss become more evident, it moves towards the final stage of baldness.


8th Stage of Hair Loss

It is the stage where hair loss is completed and reached its final point. There is no treatment option available, including hair transplantation. It is the stage when the hair scale is completed. Solutions such as prosthetic hair and hair simulation should be tried rather than surgical intervention.