Where Should You Procure Prosthetic Hair?

Where Should You Procure Prosthetic Hair?

In this article, we will try to answer these two important questions that form the basis of the great differences in the price scale, which are the first and most decisive factor that comes to mind when it comes to prosthetic hair application. Because, immediately after these two problems, completely independent of the price of the application, users come up with complaints full of negativities such as "I had a prosthetic hair done, it didn't look natural" or "I see it around me, it's very obvious". 

At this point, the question and the answer are actually intertwined…

In our opinion, prosthetic hair should be done at the prosthetic hair center! Sometimes even this may not be enough… You should have it done in a center with quality standards, professional merit, high experience, good and after-practice service quality where you can be a reference it.



Firstly; Since the prosthetic hair unit is in direct contact with your skin, it should have an infrastructure that is air and water permeable and compatible with the user's skin.

It should be made of 100% real human hair and the one can have the freedom to give the desired shape at any time. Each hair strand must be hand-processed on the infrastructure of the prosthetic unit, one by one and independently of each other; Even in the slightest wind, your prosthetic hair can have natural hair oscillation. (This also allows you to apart/comb your hair from the side you want).

Especially; Prosthetic hair application should be done by experts.

Because, the slightest mistake that can be made during the application of the prosthetic hair can lead to undesirable and irreversible results. To give an example, even a small design mistake that can be made in the mold of your hair or on your forehead line, which should be designed before the application, will prevent you from using your prosthetic hair comfortably (it can make you feel like there is a pothole or it doesn't fit properly). It can create an unnatural look on your face. (At this point, the forehead line design is especially important.)

Wrong hair design and wrong cut..!

As it is known, prosthetic hair has a structure that does not grow and is not fed by our own living cells and capillaries. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether my prosthetic hair looks natural for most users is hidden in the correct hair design and correctly applied haircut, suitable for the facial features of the user. In particular, when the points where your Prosthetic hair unit and your own live hair intermingle are cut and synchronized correctly, your Prosthetic hair will have an extremely natural appearance.

Long story short; If the application and cutting of a prosthetic hair made of 100% human hair and manufactured to high quality standards by hand, is not understood by an outside eye, if the design is done correctly. The key points here go through a few key issues that we mentioned above.

Wrong Center Selection!

Can prosthetic hair be made at the hairdresser's?

Bu sorunun cevabını kendiniz verebilmelisiniz. Aradığınız özellikler, saçım doğal dursun, yokmuş gibi hiçbir şeyi hissetmeyeyim, istediğim şekli kolayca verebileyim diyorsanız bu uygulamayı iyi bir protez saç merkezinde yaptırmalısınız. If you want the features you are looking for, let my hair look natural, let me feel as if it does not exist, and can easily give the shape I want, you should have this application done in a good prosthetic hair center.

The life of the hair, which is not taken care of enough, will be shorter than other hair. In the early period, shedding will begin and it will not be possible to make up for it.

However, you can find solutions with corporate identity in case of negativities that may be experienced just because these procedures are carried out in prosthetic hair centers.

Finally, don't let anyone see you without hair!