With Hair Hotel, It is Possible to Buy Prosthetic Hair at Raise-Free Price

Does the Price of Prosthetic Hair Also Change?

As the Hair Hotel family, we wanted to inform you about a subject that we have heard frequently in recent days.

As in the whole world, foreign exchange is constantly increasing in our country, especially due to the economic effects of the pandemic conditions. Again, as a natural consequence of this situation, product prices accelerate upwards, especially in foreign exchange-indexed sectors. Along with this dynamism, sectorally, so-called under-the-counter businesses increase and they resort to price-based illegal and unethical transactions.

When purchasing a product or a service, the price of the product or service is of course important. However, the hairdressing industry is a sector that should be evaluated first in terms of experience, then quality and service, and finally price. Researches that you do only with price index will not give you the result you want, but it can also seriously harm your health.

As we have just mentioned, the increase in prices due to the increase in foreign exchange may have prompted you to do price-based research. However, while doing this research, you should not sacrifice your health, you should know what you are giving up in order to have a more affordable, budget-friendly prosthetic hair.

Because nowadays, it is possible to encounter a very wide price range in price-indexed researches that you will do through advertisements and social media.


So what is the correct price?

The main factors that determine the price of prosthetic hair are about what you expect from this application.


Is your main goal just to cover the thinning/balding area?


Or do you want to continue your life in the same comfort with the exact same hair as your own?


There is a very thin red line here…!!!


So What Should We Expect From Prosthetic Hair?

-100% natural look

- Skin-compatible, thin and high quality breathing infrastructure

- Comfort of use

- Ease of maintenance

- It can be combed in all directions and natural hair release

- The most compatible forehead line to your face


In order for all these standards to be together, your prosthesis unit must be produced specifically for you. In other words, you should be using a hair prosthesis that is manufactured by sticking to the hair sample taken from you by making the exact mold of the area where you have hair loss.

Even though the ready-made molds and fabricated prostheses that you can obtain from some companies that try to exist only with price competition, which we can call under the stairs, are relatively cheaper in price, they are not specially prepared for you, and most importantly, they will be far from meeting your psychological expectations in terms of both natural appearance and comfort of use. Using such a prosthetic hair can cause you both material and moral damage in the future.


So What Should You Do? Can't You Have Quality Prosthetic Hair at an Affordable Price?

It is not possible to apply a single price for prosthetic hair.

Because the price of the prosthetic hair;

Depending on the size / smallness of the area where the application will be made depending on the length / shortness / density of the desired hair, the color transitions in the hair (Black / White) and their regional ratios. It varies according to some factors such as the infrastructure of the system to be used, etc.

We, as Hair Hotel, offer you some conveniences so that you can be less affected by the variability of the dollar exchange rate, in order to avoid these problems, even if a little.


Some of those;

Possibility of interest-free installments in payment,

First application and maintenance free of charge,

They are transactions such as fixing the exchange rate periodically.

As the Hair Hotel family, we are with you in these difficult times…