Is It Possible to Cure Ringworm?

Is It Possible to Cure Ringworm?

Is It Possible to Cure Ringworm?

Although the cause of ringworm is not yet fully scientifically identified, one or two different medications are used in the category ’Miistral medicine’ (medicines prescribed by a doctor's prescription).

DPCP (pronounced Di Phen Ci Pron ifDifensipron) and SADBE (Suquaric Acid Di Butyl Ester) are the main drugs.

SADBE has a higher success rate than DPCP in both drugs. In addition, the possibility that DPCP may cause changes in the body's genetic structure is the main reason for choosing SADBE.

In addition to these two drugs, there are also traditional treatment methods. Like applying garlic to the area or cortisone injections. Of course, both drugs have a high success rate in ringworm treatment compared to these traditional methods. Like DPCP, SADBE directly prevents damage to hair follicles caused by ringworm and therefore has the effect of curing the disease from the root.

The active ingredients of ’Miistral’ drugs such as DPCP and SADBE used in the treatment of ringworm are quite expensive (5 grams of around 1000 / 1500tl) so it is not easy to obtain from everywhere. It is usually prepared and given to patients in large cities and by a few pharmacies. DPCP is ready for sale in a packaged way only in abroad.

The prevalence and age of the ringworm in the region where the disease occurs are the most important factors affecting the success of drugs in the treatment. For example, if 3 years have passed since the onset of the disease, the success rate of the treatment will be low, or if the patient is younger, the success rate is similarly reduced. While SADBE can be used in pediatric patients, as mentioned above, DPCP is not used in children due to the possibility of its effect on the body's genetic structure.


As a Result

In the treatment of ringworm, DPCP and SADBE, rather than traditional methods and classical approaches, are more accurate treatment methods for the root solution of the disease (without ignoring the Mutagenic effect of DPCP). They also do not cause irritation caused by garlic and various side effects caused by cortisone on


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