Who Should Have Hair Simulation?

Who Should Have Hair Simulation?

Who Should Have Hair Simulation?

Hair Simulation can be thought of as a kind of tattoo. Hair simulation has its own method and hair follicle effect is determined by hairstyle and direction of the hair of the person. Each person is treated with special needle tips. The color of the hair simulation varies according to the color of the persons hair. For example, if a person is blonde, 100% medical dye and color tone should be chosen.

When all operations are completed, the person will have a more natural and intense appearance of his sparse regions. It can be applied to any area of the scalp regardless of the area to be applied.


Why You Should Have Hair Simulation?

Hair loss, which is a condition that many of us live or frequently encountered in our surroundings, leads to the appearance of what we call baldness in some parts of the hair. There are solutions for baldness and other hair loss problems by developing technologies. Prosthetic hair applications, which are one of the most used of these methods, make person get his or her hair back without pain. Hair simulation, which is another method, makes the hair look dense without hairing that area, and it looks as if there is a hair follicle in that area. With these procedures, the person feels better and will avoid the feeling of discomfort from his hair. Do not think that the above is done only in the area that is shedding or bald, because hair simulation or prosthetic hair application can be done easily for reasons such as covering the area of wounds or the desire to camouflage the area.


I Had Hair Transplantation, It Did Not Turn Out To Be As I Wanted, What Can I Do?

It is very likely that you have not achieved the desired result as a result of hair transplantation. The intensity or fullness of the person's imagination about his or her hair, does not match the real appearance generally. In this case, most of the patients / users who come to us prefer hair simulation.


So Why Do They Prefer Hair Simulation?

This application is preferred to provide a dense appearance after hair transplantation. It provides a natural and beautiful appearance in a short time which attracts users.

Cost of Hair Simulation


Hair simulation prices may vary according to centers and cities. Main reasons for this are Expert Experience, Center’s being in hygienic conditions, personalized materials usage’s being a must and the materials to be used must be 100% organic. All of these reasons are the main reasons for price differences. However, it is a more affordable method compared to surgical applications such as hair transplantation.

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