What is Prosthetic Hair?

What is Prosthetic Hair?

What is Prosthetic Hair?

If we define the Prosthesis Hair as Hair Hotel

the main feature that distinguishes Prosthetic Hair from Wigs and False Hair is the fact that real human hair is used in its production. Prosthetic hair, that is prepared specially for the person, is examined in detail with the bald area of the person, and prosthetic hair is produced in the desired length and model and applied to the region where hair loss has been occurred. Implementation is made by fixing the unit (Prosthetic Hair)- Protez Saç to the scalp with 100% natural materials, fixing tapes and special solutions specially produced for this job. The person can take it out any time. 


For Whom Prosthesis Hair is Suitable?

Prosthetic hair, which is a very comfortable, reversible and long lasting application, is suitable for anyone over the age of 12, regardless of gender. Whatever the cause of hair loss, it is suitable for all women, men, young and old, whose hair is completely shed or became sparse. Apart from people who have experienced hair loss due to genetic and environmental factors, hair prosthesis can easily be used for those who have permanent or temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments or because of diseases such as thyroid, goitre and ringworm. In addition to that regardless of the size and area of hair loss it can be easily used in local shedding too. In order to use prosthetic hair, one must be able to meet and fulfill personal care needs without the need for anyone and this is why we limit usage of Prosthetic Hair for age over 12 because prosthetic hair is a cosmetic application that needs periodic care after it is applied.


For Whom Prosthesis Hair is not Suitable?

Prosthetic hair is not applied to children under 12 years of age and people with chronic skin diseases such as eczema and epidermal allergy. Prosthetic hair application will be different from the natural hair of the person in terms of caring and personal care just like using eye lenses or dental prosthesis. Periodically maintenance and some hygiene rules must be followed. In this context, prosthesis hair is not offered to young people or elderly people, people with mental disabilities, those who are in need of personal care for their personal hygiene. 


What Can Be Done With Hair Prosthesis?

The hair prosthesis, which is applied to the area where there is shedding and baldness, does not cause any restriction in the person's daily routine. Whatever a person can do with his / her natural hair, can do exactly the same things with a prosthetic hair. In this context with prosthetic hair; one can shower, can swim in the pool or in the sea, can use hair dryer, can shape hair and use brush. A prosthesis hair, which has been prepared to the highest quality standards, offers the user the comfort and ease of use of his / her hair. In this way, one who has prosthetic hair does not have any worries about the area of hair loss, because as the prosthesis is made based of person’s real hair, nobody can understand the difference.


What Are the Feature of Prosthetic Hair?

*There are no side effects of a prosthetic hair that is produced in high quality standards.

*During the application of prosthetic hair, no pain, pain is being felt.

*It is possible to remove prosthetic hair and return back if the person does not want to use anymore.

*Prosthetic hair does not harm one's own hair.

*Thanks to the special structure and properties of the prosthetic hair prepared individually, the scalp gets air, and no extra sweating occurs.

*Prosthetic hair does not have any health risks because it is not a surgical procedure like some other applications.

*Prosthetic hair can be prepared in any color and length as desired.


First of all, although we do not think much about hair, it is one of the most important sources of motivation in our social life and it is the first and basic indicator of our self-confidence, social status and most importantly our physical beauty in our daily lives. Therefore, hair loss problems such as “Baldness’ ’,“ Alopecia ”,“ Lichen planus ”,“ Ringworm are elements which play really huge role in our emotional and psychological world. Hair loss (Dilution or Baldness) makes us so unhappy and restless. Thanks to the rapidly changing and developing Science / Technology and Medicine, serious developments are being experienced in producing very healthy solutions to this important social problem. Especially Prosthetic Hair application offers the old hair and even in some cases more beautiful and natural hair to the people who suffer hair loss. Prosthetic hair, is also called Hair Prosthesis, was originally designed and planned to contribute to the physical appearance of people engaged in visual arts and professions in public. Prosthetic Hair is a cosmetic application, which is produced by taking samples of one's own natural hair, planted on a prosthesis unit and specially designed for the individual without concerning how wide the bald area is.


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