General information for people receiving chemotherapy

General information for people receiving chemotherapy

General information for people receiving chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs are drugs usually applied for a few hours, such as serum administered intravenously. When treatment is completed, the patient is provided with several weeks of resting period. Chemotherapy is administered at regular intervals during a period of several months based on the schedule determined. Patients usually do not stay in hospital except for treatment. Normal life can continue.


What Can I Eat During Chemotherapy?

It should be kept away from smelly and spicy foods during the administration of chemotherapy. Any fatty foods as well as any smelly foods such as onions can cause nausea. Salads, fruits or raw vegetables should not be consumed while eating out. At home, such foods should be consumed only after they are thoroughly washed. The fruits should be consumed after they are peeled off. It is required to consume foods rich in protein. As a source of protein, firstly prefer fish, secondly chicken, and finally red meat. It is very important that the diet is balanced. Thanks to the consumption of vegetables and fruits, intestinal motility will be made regular and vitamin needs will be met accordingly. You can take vitamin pills in order to meet your need for additional vitamins during treatment upon consulting your physician. However, it is important that you avoid high doses of vitamins E or C.


Adverse Effects Caused by Chemotherapy:

Different drugs are often used in order to treat different types of cancers. Even for every patient, the drugs used are different. Therefore, adverse effects usually occur differently for each patient. It is very important to consult with the team about adverse effects in advance in order to be prepared psychologically for any adverse effects.



It is possible to get tired in an easier manner than usual in the weeks following the chemotherapy. It is a fairly normal adverse effect. The body needs time to repair itself. Therefore, resting period is very important. It should be slept if and when needed. You should do so if you need to get up late or to have siesta. It is necessary not to stop being active after being sufficiently rested. Pay attention to take regular walks on daily basis without spending tiring yourselves so much. Keeping your physical activeness will make you feel better.


Nausea and Loss of Appetite


Various chemotherapy drugs may cause loss of appetite and nausea on the day, on which they are administered, and sometimes the next few days after the treatment. This situation is considered highly normal. However, your sense of taste may change temporarily and foods may not have the taste with which you are familiar. This sometimes remains as an ongoing adverse effect throughout the treatment. Do not worry; everything will be as before upon completion of the treatment.


If the following precautions are taken, the treatment can be continued on lighter basis:

You should not receive chemotherapy when you are hungry; however, do not come in a manner to be as full as a tick.


You should avoid any spicy and very fatty foods.


If you have a few days of nausea following the treatment, then you should continue to light meals. Do not worry about the fact that you have eaten less than normally for a few days. You will meet the deficit later.


Your physician will inform you about the fact that you may experience nausea. However, even if you do not experience nausea, you should avoid eating in a manner to be as full as a tick on the first days.


It is recommended that you keep away from your favorite foods for a few days following the treatment. Foods, consumed during the presence of nausea, can subsequently be met with disgust.


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