What is Pelade ?

Pelade is a disease that cannot be fully explained scientifically yet although it is consider that stress is an important factor, and it causes loss of hair from follicles in the hairy regions of the body. As can be observed in the regions such as moustache beard, eyebrows, where the hair is dense, it is generally observed in the head due to the fact that the head is the most hairy region.

In respect of pelade disease, hair loss of the entire hairy area is very rare. In general, hairless areas occur on the scalp in the form of coin or simple patch. There can be one or several hairless areas. Even rarely, such disease can also be observed as loss of all hair in the entire body.

Pelade is usually observed in young adults and children. Pelade, which is also experienced by the women, is experienced by the men more frequently due to the fact that men have more fairy areas. The great majority of Pelade Patients are those under 20 years of age. It is more likely that any other patients will also be diagnosed with pelade disease when the family history is investigated retrospective with respect to such disease.

We have stated that stress plays an important role with respect to pelade disease. Goiter and anemia can also be seen frequently in the patients with pelade. However, we cannot state for sure that such diseases cause pelade since there are a considerable number of patients who do not suffer from pelade although they suffer from goiter and anemia.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the reasons for the pelade are not known precisely. In respect of such matter, the most scientifically acceptable approach is that any person produces substances against their own hair follicle cells.

Healing Process of the Pelade Disease

Pelade is a disease that can considerably heal spontaneously. In general, it results in spontaneous healing; however, the disease is less likely to heal spontaneously if it has covered the whole hairy area.

The fact that the pelade occurs in multiple areas concurrently may indicate that the treatment will be more difficult. If there are nail diseases at the same time, it is likely that the disease will slowly heal.

There is no routine control of the disease. However, it is useful to carry out thyroid tests. Biopsy can also provide an idea about the reasons of the disease.


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