3D (three dimension) simulation, also known as hair tattoo, is a new concept that we have encountered frequently in recent times and now our lives are taking up more space. Technically known as hair tattooing too because of its resemblance as it is similar to tattooing, this method is actually a non-surgical haircutting method. We call it hair loss thresatment method, but it is a special subcutaneous dyeing technique that gives more successful results if it is used as a complementary method rather than an alternative to prosthetic hair or hair transplantation. This is the reason that the hair simulation is called a hair tattoo. As these two implementations are so similar to each other, elements that should be considered before and after implementations are so similar too. While ordinary tattooing is based on the principle of patterning by dyeing under the skin, the situation is slightly different in hair simulation. Hair simulation is based on the principle of image acquisition with 3D shading technique. The purpose of the procedure is to create an image as if there is hair follicle (hair root) on the scalp. Thus, three-dimensional hair follicle effects create a denser hair appearance in the shed and diluted area. If the paint, tools and needles are used to create a root effect on the scalp are not specially designed Hair Simulation equipment, you will not be able to get the right result.

*First of all, the sterilization of the hair simulation environment should be in the sterilization level of an operating room.

*It should not be done with typical tattoo devices. Equipment should be specially developed for hair simulation.

*Also, special disposable sterile needles, which are specially developped for this technique, should be used for hair simulation.

*Note: For the sensitive skin in the application area before the simulation process, numbing the area with an anesthetic cream will minimize possible pain feeling.

*During the procedure, the person will not feel any pain and can read books, listen to music and watch TV while 3D Hair Simulation is being assembled to the scalp.

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