What is Hair Simulation

What is Hair Simulation

What is Hair Simulation

What is Hair Simulation?

Hair simulation, also called hair tattoo, or micro pigmentation, is a method of non-surgical hair transplantation.

Hair simulation is a method of imitation of real hair roots. It is a method of bald area covering, performed in the form of epidermal micropigmentation in areas with baldness with the help of devices and paints specially produced for this work.

Hair simulation, which is seen as a new solution to the problem of hair loss, is one of the popular applications of recent times. On average, each person has between 100 and 150 thousand hair. However, with the effect of different causes over time, both women and men experience hair thinning problems on their hair.

The baldness problem that starts with hair thinning also negatively affects the psychological structure of the person. In this case, the hair simulation, which was developed for individuals who isolate themselves from the society, makes even a completely bald person seem to have voluminous hair. Non-surgical hair simulation is known as latest in hair loss covering methods for men and women.

Many people think that hair simulation method is hair transplantation. However, hair simulation is not a hair transplantation method. Hair simulation is very effective in the treatment of regional hair loss such as ringworm and it is more successful when applied to short hair.

People who have hair transplantation for hair loss and baldness problems, yet who are not satisfied because of not having the firm hair which they expected, also get hair simulation method applied to their hair. Hair simulation offers effective results in closing the gaps with hair effects.

How is Hair Simulation Done?

Technically there is no difference between processes of tattoo and hair simulation. It is referred as Hair Tattoo precisely for this reason. The main difference of hair simulation is in paint and devices used for this job rather than operation. Hair simulation, which is specially designed with the help of specially designed devices, is applied under the skin in the form of small effects on thinning and baldness areas, is one of the best methods that people with hair loss problems have recently applied and it shows its effect in a very short time.

In order to get results in hair transplantation and other similar methods, while an average of 1 year or several months is expected, on the other hand quite effective results are seen in a few hours in hair simulation.

Are Hair Simulation Paints Same as Tattoo Paints?

The dyes used in the Hair Simulation method are generally dyes with herbal ingredients. The persistence of herbal dye varies between 3 to 5 years. Another dye in Hair Simulation is chemical one which can last between 5 to 10 years. The main difference that distinguishes Hair Simulation paints from Tattoo paints is the color fading which can not be experienced in Hair Simulation paints but can be easily seen in Tattoo paints. Is Hair Simulation Dyes Harmful to Your Health? The dyes used in hair simulation process do not have any visible or known harm until now. However, an allergy test is applied to the person before the procedure. In addition, in order not to feel any pain pain, Anesthetic creams are applied to the application area and local numbing is performed before the procedure. In this way, no pain is felt until the end of the procedure. It is one of the most ideal methods for people who have hair loss or baldness problems in terms of advantages such as getting definite results and the process is very short.

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