Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic Hair is a method of placing and shaping the hair prosthesis, which is measured by the Experienced specialists, and which is made of 100% human hair through the most advanced techniques, in a hairless or hirtellous region. It is a healthy, useful, durable and aesthetic application, which does not require any medical intervention, and for which it is possible to return.



Throughout Human History, the "HAIR" has been a hidden or obvious symbol of the social status and power of its owner in all cultures. Especially for women, it seems one of the most important symbols of physical beauty.


Therefore, hairlessness has always been a major problem. This problem has grown even more today and abundant and well-kept hair has become the indispensable elements of the beauty and appeal for both genders.


The hair growth industry, which has started out to overcome the hairlessness problem by means of scientific solutions, has made a continuous progress from past to present, and it has started to attract considerable attention thanks to the technological developments in the later 20th century. Prosthetic hair applications, which have been developed in order to provide contribution to the visual appeal of the artists, have been adopted by everyone in a short time, and it has been a solution for millions of people all over the world.


The hair growth industry, which has also started to be structured in our country during such process, has served for tens of thousands of people suffering from hairlessness, over the years.


However, the information pollution, caused by the competition between companies in our country, has reached such a point that it has become impossible for people to perform a proper evaluation and to make the right decision.


“While some reputable companies carry out practices with an increasing success, some of the members of this industry, who are unfortunately not less in number, have shaken people's confidence and damaged the hair growth industry as a consequence of poor quality products and unconscious practices.”


We, as "HAIR HOTEL", are of course aware of the fact that there are many companies, which work with full efforts, and which deserve any and all kinds of credits, in the hair growth industry in Turkey. Our purpose is to protect you from such improper operations and operators by providing you with the most comprehensive and concise information about all of our hair growth methods, and to allow you to make a decision in your favor without being prejudiced by someone else.


To Whom Can The Prosthetic Hair Be Applied?

Whatever the cause of hair loss, hair prosthesis can be applied to all people, whose hair has been completely lost, whose hair has thinned, regardless of male and female or young and old. Even those, who have experiences temporary hair loss as a consequence of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, can overcome such hairless periods with high spirits and motivation by means of the prosthetic hair application.


To Whom Can The Prosthetic Hair Not Be Applied?

The use of hair prosthesis is just like the use of eye lens or dental prosthesis, and all hygiene rules must strictly be observed. Therefore, prosthetic hair application is not recommended for young children, those with advanced chronic dermatological diseases such as eczema, and those who cannot assume the responsibility for paying attention to their personal hygiene and general hygiene rules due to mental disorders.


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