How Long Does Prosthetic Hair Last?

How Long Does Prosthetic Hair Last?

As we have been serving in the field of prosthetic hair application for years. By applying our knowledge and experience in our workflow successfully, we try to give you better quality services every day. Today we will try to answer your questions such as how many years  prosthetic hair can be used, prosthetic hair prices and whether prosthetic hair can be understood by others. How many years can prosthesis hair can be used? Let's start with the question.

Does Usage of Prosthetic Hair Affect Its Lifetime?

First question, those who want to have Prosthetic Hair, in their minds is; How many years a Prosthetic Hair can be used? One's own usage determines how many years a prosthetic hair can be used. In other words, if you get periodic maintenance done by professionals, useshampoos and conditioners suitable for hair prosthesis, you can increase the life of the prosthesis. Secondly, firm’s quality, that you get your Prosthetic Hair done, comes. If you work with companies providing professional services, you can significantly increase the life of the prosthesis. The quality of the materials used and craftmanship provided in professional companies is completely at a different level…

How many years of prosthetic hair can be used? The average life of a prosthesis is about 1.5 - 2 years. You can increase or decrease this time depending on the conditions mentioned above...

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