Prosthetic Hair Care

Prosthetic Hair Care

Prosthetic Hair Care

Prosthetic hair care is also as important as its manufacturing.

Prosthetic hair care must be performed as careful and high quality as its production. This prolongs the life of the hair and improves its comfort. Experiences we have been gained for many years indicates that similar questions often arise in the minds of people, who are seeking solutions for their hair problems, or who use or want to use prosthetic hair. In this point, it is important to inform the people, who have Hair problems, and the users of the Prosthetic Hair properly, by providing objective and true answers for their questions, and to prevent any possible victimization accordingly.

Unfortunately, as in every industry, some companies, operating for purely profit-oriented purposes in the prosthetic hair industry, lead to victimization of the users by providing sales-oriented answers for most of such questions. After application of Prosthetic hair, the fundamental process starts with the Prosthetic hair care. In respect of Prosthetic hair care, the use of high quality service increases the use of the product. In addition, the visual contribution of the product is preserved by means of the prosthetic hair care.


Considerations required to be paid attention with respect to prosthetic hair care and use of it

1.Prosthetic hair can be applied to anyone without any limitation to Age and Gender.

***The applicant should not suffer from any dermatological problem.

2.Any peoples, who have Prosthetic Hair application performed, can continue their social life without any restrictions on their daily activities. For example, they can take a shower, Swim in the sea or pool, and they can perform any and all kinds of sports activities easily, and they can comb their hair as they wish, and they can blow-dry their hair, and also they can perform health activities such as Sauna and Solarium.


***The prerequisite for performance of all of such activities without any problems is that the Hair Prosthesis you use has been applied properly in accordance with the quality standards.

3.The prosthesis used must be at the highest level of air and water permeability in terms of cleaning the skin of the person using the Prosthetic Hair as well as allowing his/her skin to breathe easily.

***High quality personalized applications should be preferred than any prefabricated products.

4.The hair prosthesis is glued to the head with the medical tapes and water-based solutions approved by international health organizations. The quality of the tapes and solutions used during prosthetic hair application is very important in terms of the health of the people.

***Any non-approved Solutions and Tapes can cause serious health problems.

5.Any and all kinds of cosmetic products, to be used by the people for their own living hair, can also be applied to the prosthetic hair. The most important issue to be required to be paid attention with respect to such matter is the quality and content of the cosmetic products used. Any low-quality products, which do not meet the quality standards, may damage the Prosthetic Hair to the extent of the damage to living hair.

Also, as it is known, Prosthetic hair does not grow like living hair; therefore, it is worn out, broken due to the influence of poor quality cosmetic products, and it gets bad appearance which is not aesthetic. Sometimes, itching, irritation and redness may even occur in the skin.

In order to avoid such adverse conditions, pH values and quality standards of any shampoos, hair conditioners, care sprays, etc., applied to prosthetic hair, are particularly important.

***Any antibacterial and anti-scurf products, specifically produced for Prosthetic Hair, should be preferred in order for hygienic and comfortable use.

6.Prosthetic Hair has routine care that must be done in certain periods. The main reason for this is that the medical tapes and medical solutions, used in prosthetic applications, are air and water permeable. These products are water-based, and they lose their power over time as a natural result of air and water permeability. Regarding the duration of the care periods, the main factor is the person's personal care habits; however, the natural conditions of the area, in which the person lives, are the determinative factor. For example; the Air temperature varies between 2 and 6 weeks depending on the humidity rate or moisture gradient.


7.Prosthetic hair users can make their hair care at the prosthetic hair centers, where they have such application carried out, or they can also perform such care by themselves after receiving short-time care training.

8.Although the lifespan of hair prosthesis varies according to the usage and care habits of the person, there are basic criteria and Quality Standards that determine such period. For example, although the infrastructure and hair density have the same characteristics, their lifetime may be different from each other. The lifetime of any fabricated hair prosthesis, which has been manufactured by means of a thick knot method, and which is far from natural appearance, can be 3-4 years, while any high-quality Hair Prosthesis, which is exactly compatible with the hair, and which is aesthetically more natural and lighter, and which has been manufactured by means of extremely thin knots, can be 2-2.5 years.

9.The prices for Prosthetic Hair vary depending on the companies; however, in respect of the Hair Prosthesis, which is manufactured by creating a personal mold in compliance with the quality standards, the prices amount to 600 to 1500 US dollars. Such prices can vary from 300 up to 450 US dollars with respect to fabricated and stock products.

10.The prices for hair care also vary depending on the quality standards of the companies; however, they amount to 70 to 120 TRY.

We can summarize the reasons for the fact that the prices are so flexible depending on the companies are as follows:


Prosthetic hair care prolongs the duration of its use.


1.a) Pre- and Post-Implementation senses of quality and service.

2.b) Sensitivity of the Company with respect to selection of Products and Personnel.

3.c) Attention paying to Customer Health and Satisfaction


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