Prosthetic Hair Prices 2021

Prosthetic Hair Prices 2021

How Much Are Prosthetic Hair Prices?

Prices of prosthetic hair vary based on the quality and application method of the product. The concepts of "cheap" and "expensive" will be incorrect if it is used for the initial purchase time. First of all, the aspect of health should be taken into account. You may also experience health problems with respect to the prosthetic hair products that are deemed "cheap" considering the initial purchase time. The fact that your health is priceless is absolute; however, the amount that you will spend to recover your health can considerably excess the amount that you have paid for a "cheap" product. 

The attractive price of the "cheap" product at the time of first purchase may not be so in the long run. You are exposed to a restricted living space due to the fact that the "cheap prosthetic hair" will not be able to be with you under any conditions and circumstances. For example, you cannot be sure of yourselves while swimming in the pool. You can fall into an unpleasant situation among your friends due to a foreign object available in the pool.

It is possible to multiply examples such as strong wind, rain, extreme sun. etc. The "cheap prosthetic hair" will not be able to accompany you for a long period of use in terms of life cycle. Offering the attractive price during the first purchase, the "cheap prosthetic hair" will prove you in the process of time that it is an expensive product.

The "high quality prosthetic hair" will not leave you alone under any circumstances, which are specified above, or which we could not specified. Its key function is characterized by ease of use and visually indistinguishableness. The "high-quality prosthetic hair" cannot be distinguished from the state of your hair before it was lost. It is a product manufactured specially for you and your hair. Over time, the "high-quality prosthetic hair" will prove you that it is a cheaper product. The prices for prosthetic hair should not be categorized as "cheap" and "expensive". The "high quality" and "low quality" in terms of the product are more effective in prosthetic hair prices.

Determinant Characteristics For Prosthetic Hair Prices

Now let's examine closely its characteristics:

Disadvantages of the Prosthetic Hair, Marketed Cheaply, and Manufactured in the Low Quality Standards

1. Low-quality hair, which has been fabricated in the far-east, and which does not have a specific standard, is made look like that it is made of 100% human hair (Far eastern hair is very different European hair in terms of its characteristics. Far eastern hair is straight and thick. They are regarded as low-quality hair in the hair industry).

2. Since the price competition is prioritized with respect to low-quality prosthetic hair, it is intended to ensure low cost/high profit by means of blending the natural hair and synthetic hair.

3. In respect of the fabricated products, the deformation arises in a shorter period of time due to the fact that any manufacturing defects, occurring especially in the infrastructure of the prosthetic hair units, are hidden by means of simple interventions. 

4. In respect of the low-quality Hair Prosthesis, the direction to comb the hair is limited and difficult. The chance of being combed in every direction is extremely low. It is a characteristic required to be asked while searching the prices for prosthetic hair.

5. The forehead line, which is one of the points that prosthetic hair users are most sensitive, becomes black and apparent after a short time.

Advantages of the Prosthetic Hair Manufactured in the High Quality Standards

Prosthetic hair must be of high quality on medical basis due to the fact that it is constantly carried on your body.

1. Especially in respect of daily activities (Shower, Sport, etc.), the motion/swing and movements of the Prosthetic Hair, contacting with water or sweat, is very compatible with the user's own hair. In order to achieve such naturalness, all stages of the prosthetic hair unit (Measurement-Fixation-Design) are required to have been performed in compliance with the high quality standards, and the growing directions of the hair is required to be designed properly, and a thin and non-standard knot method is required to be used for such purposes.

2. The care interval for the prosthetic hair units, which have been manufactured in compliance with the high quality standards, are longer than the care interval for the fabricated care, as required by its structure. This is reflected positively to the users of prosthetic hair both in financial and psychological terms.

3. The infrastructure of the prosthetic hair units, manufactured in compliance with the high quality standards, is made of a thin and light material; this keeps air and water permeability at the highest level. In particular, if the Prosthetic Hair user has previously used a hair that has been manufactured under low quality standards, s/he will feel such difference more clearly.

4. Even though the Prosthetic Hair units, which have been manufactured in compliance with the high-quality standards, seem to be more expensive than the low-quality Prosthetic Hair units, in the first stage, they provide considerable price advantages considering the factors specified above. The prosthetic hair prices should not be evaluated based on the first purchase.

5. In respect of any Prosthetic Hair unit, which has been manufactured in compliance with the high-quality standard, the forehead line, which is the point paid utmost attention by the users, cannot be distinguished from the user's own natural hair. For such purposes, a special method is used during the production phase in order to ensure that the prosthetic hair looks like it is growing out of the skin of the user (Only institutions that have set out their own quality standard carry put manufacturing by means of such method.).

6. Any Prosthetic Hair, which has been manufactured in compliance with the high-quality standard, can be combed in any direction and can be shaped in any form.

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