Questions About Prosthetic Hair

Questions About Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic Hair is 100% real hair prosthesis, which is measured by the experts, and which is manufactured from your own hair sample by means of any advanced techniques, and which is compatible with your skin. It is placed on the hairless region or on the region with thin hair by means of a special stabilizing gel, and then it is shaped.

Is Prosthesis Hair Perceptible?

If applied properly, the prosthetic hair offers a perfect naturalness to its users, with its hair structure, its color harmony and its image that seems as if growing out of the scalp.

Is The Prosthetic Hair Fixed, and Is It Affected By The Water?

Prosthetic hair is not affected negatively by water. The hair prosthesis, which is initially fixed by means of a special medical solution, allows you to continue any activity you are used to carry out in your daily life, such as swimming, showering, sporting, blow-dry, etc. without any restrictions.

Is The Use of Prosthetic Hair Easy?

The use of prosthetic hair is quite easy. The requirements for the natural hair should be applicable to the prosthetic hair. The most important point with respect to use of prosthetic hair is hygiene. You should pay attention to your personal hygiene and care periods.

Is The Prosthetic Hair Appropriate for All Kinds of Hair Losses?

Prosthetic hair application is an appropriate method for any and all kinds of hair loss, either temporary or permanent. Presence of thin hair or absence of hair does not make any difference in terms of applicability. Prosthetic hair is manufactured in compliance with the length, wave, color, thinness and thickness, regardless of gender.

Can The Prosthetic Hair Be Applied To The Individuals Who Have No Hair?

Prosthetic hair can also be applied to those, who have completely lost their hair for any reasons whatsoever, or those, who have no hair, regardless of male-female or young-old. It is a highly successful and highly preferred method due to its naturalness and ease of use. It makes even those, who have never had hair, feel much happier with its naturalness.

Is The Prosthetic Hair Applied To Those Who Experience Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy Treatment?

Of course it can be applied. Chemotherapy treatments are hard-to-live processes. Due to the side effects of the chemotherapeutic drugs, hair can be lost in a very short period of time. Such rapid hair loss makes most patients unhappy and unpleasant. Prosthetic hair can be applied during the chemotherapy treatments and before hair loss, if desired. It facilitates to feel healthier in terms of motivation by entering into the process of treatment in a hairy manner, and it allows the patients to be able to maintain a normal life throughout the treatment.

What Are The Procedures To Be Applied After Having Decided To Have The Prosthetic Hair Applied?

After the decision phase, firstly, the part, where the hair loss has occurred, is measured, and the mould thereof is created. Upon agreement on the matters such as density and length desired by the person, the growing directions of the hair are marked on the mould. A very small sample is taken from the person's own hair, and such sample is added to the mould. The production process starts after all of such operations. As the manufacturing process is performed abroad, there is a minimum 4-6 week of waiting period. If the person’s own hair is not long enough, then it is recommended not to have his/her hair cut until the date of application.

How Often Is The Prosthetic Hair Subject To The Care?

Care intervals of the prosthetic hair can vary depending on the personal care habits of the people, their skin structures, the climatic conditions where they live, and the nature of their social activities. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to determine a period of 3-4 weeks instead of specifying a standard period with respect to care intervals.

Can I Perform The Prosthetic Hair Care On My Own?

If you wish, you can easily perform your prosthetic hair care at your home. Prosthetic hair care does not require having hair specialist training, hairdressing knowledge or special ability in this context.

How Long Is The Life of Prosthetic Hair?

The life of the Prosthetic Hair unit is about 20 months. Nevertheless, the life of the hair, the structure of hair and the usage of hair determine mainly the life thereof. Cautious and hygienic use can extend the life of the hair while otherwise use may reduce its life to the same extent.

Is Surgical Intervention In Question? Are Any Aches and Pains Felt? How Long Is The Recovery Period?

Since it is a method of application that does not include any surgical intervention, it does not cause any problems such as recovery period, aches or pains.

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