Stages Of Application For the Prosthetic Hair

Stages Of Application For the Prosthetic Hair

Stages Of Application For the Prosthetic Hair


Prosthetic Hair Application is a process of average 6 to 8 week, which is completed in Three basic stages (Measurement-Placement-Design).

Prosthetic Hair Measurement

It is the first and most important stage of the prosthetic hair application. Healthy and proper measurement will form the basis for a successful application in the next stages. First of all, Hairless and Hirtellous regions of the head are identified accordingly. After the head structure is properly defined, the mould of such region is created by drawing the hairless region together with the forehead line, which is the most appropriate for the facial features. A small sample obtained from the viable hair sample of the person is fixed by marking the growing directions of the hair on the hair mould, which has been created carefully. Once the hair characteristics and sample are recorded in the Form prepared specifically for prosthetic hair manufacturing, it is now ready to be sent abroad for production purposes.


Prosthetic Hair Fixation

It is the second stage of the prosthetic hair application. At this stage, the Hair Prosthesis is placed in the head in a manner to cover the hairless region, which has been measured previously, and the mould of which has been created for such purposes. The fact that the stage of fixation, with respect to which the Specialty and Experience are determinative factors, is concluded successfully depends on the proper Measurement, and proper identification of the structural characteristics (Color, Thickness, Length, Wavelength, etc) of the hair of the relevant people as well as the status of density/thinness of the hair and well identification of the harmony with respect to color transitions (Blackness/Whiteness).


Prosthetic Hair Design

It is the Last and final stage of Prosthetic Hair Application. At this last stage, the desired appearance is achieved upon performance of the haircut that is suitable for the desire, and most importantly, the face of the people; thus the self-confidence is regained. As long as the previous stages are carried out by the specialists in a proper and adept manner. It is possible to have the hair, which can be combed and shaped in any way, regardless of being short and long. The users of the Hair Prosthesis need to pay attention to that fact that all of such stages are carried out by trained, experienced and conscious specialists. Otherwise, it can lead to an aesthetically unsatisfactory appearance.


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