Women Type Prosthesi Hair Application

Women Type Prosthesi Hair Application

Women Type Prosthesi Hair Application

What is Prosthetic Hair?

Why Is Prosthesis Hair Usage Important for Women?

First of all, it is almost impossible to realize the prosthetic hair used in women from outside. A well-applied prosthesis hair has a 100% natural appearance and natural hair swinging.  Even in breezy and windy weather, thanks to its natural oscillation, you get the same feeling as your own hair. 

Women with prosthetic hair can continue all activities without limitation in their daily life. For example, with prosthetic hair, hairdressers can go to, blow dryer, can change the color of prosthetic hair, can use any cosmetic product, can collect, comb and connect their hair as they wish. Without having to remove their hair, they can take a shower, do sports and enter the pool or the sea. In short, you can do what you want to do with your prosthetic hair just like your own hair. When you compare the comfort and ease of use of prosthetic hair with other hair loss treatments (studs, wigs, etc.) or cosmetic applications or treatments, the difference of prosthetic hair will be clearly understood. You can dye your prosthetic hair the color you want, no matter what color your hair is. In fact, there are many different color ranges from white to pink and red to purple. Another element that will seduce you is that you can do your hair in the model you want. You can use bangs if you want, or you can choose straight models. Amenities it provides you will bring your life a different level of comfort, you will never want to take your Prosthetic Hair off.

Why Prosthetic Hair is Important for Women?

Hair is one of the most prominent physical features of women. Healthy and vibrant hair significantly affects a woman's appearance and self-esteem. Therefore, women are willing to spend a considerable amount of money in order to have healthy and beautiful hair. Here is the main difference of prosthetic hair application emerges here. Prosthetic hair is more natural, vivid and successful in women than other treatments and applications. 

Hair loss in women is a major problem, especially by negatively affecting social life, and many women suffer from this problem caused by hair loss. In addition to diffuse shedding, which is usually unique to women, we also occasionally come across shedding such as androgenetic alopesia which we call male pattern hair loss. Some commercial products and expensive treatments for the solution of this problem may also contain dangerous chemicals. They may damage your hair and hair follicles. Therefore, if the need has arisen, hair loss compensation will not be possible or has reached uncomfortable dimensions, even if it came to the point we call baldness, do not worry and do not panic. Because prosthesis hair application in women is extremely natural and practical without creating any health risk, it also saves lives with the guarantee of 100% of the hair you want. 

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Must Be Known Elements for Prosthetic Hair Application for Women

1. Do I Have to Shave My Hair to Have Prosthetic Hair?

- No, you don't have to. Applications are made with many different systems. For more information, please contact our customer service.

2.Can I make my prosthetic hair regional?

- We can apply your prosthetic hair to the desired area. Application can be made regardless of the size. What is changing here will be the infrastructure to be used in practice. For this technique, after seeing your hair and skin structure, our experts decide together which one will be the best and make the application.

3. Will there be shedding of my own hair after prosthetic hair application?

- No, Prosthetic hair does not cause an extra shedding in your hair. Thus, the prosthetic hair has an air-permeable and water-permeable infrastructure. The natural shedding process of your own hair can continue, but prosthetic hair has no effect on this shedding.

4. How do I do care for prosthetic hair?

- If you wish to take care of your prosthetic hair, you can have your application done in the centers, you can do it yourself at home after you have a training about it. We, as Hair Hotel, are ready to support you with our expert team.

5. I Want to Order Prosthetic Hair What Should I Do?

- For prosthetic hair orders, please contact us at 0533 063 1907 or 0212 213 8889. You can also make a free hair care analysis by requesting an appointment from our customer representatives.

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